There were countless women in Elvis' life from co-stars in his movies,"groupies", even Kathy Westmoreland (The back-up singer for him)But these are the women who almost made it and the one that did make it to be Mrs. Elvis Presley. Every girls fantasy for a lot of women including me.

picture of Anita WoodElvis' first serious girlfriend was Anita Wood.She was 19 years old at the time. His mother adored her and wanted them to marry but it was not meant to be.His pet name for her was "Wittle" He had told her someday they would marry but she had to settle to just be his girlfriend at the moment as the Colonel did not want them to marry.His career was taking off and Elvis did not need that kind of publicity.He gave her a promise ring and he was drafted into the Army shortly thereafter. Elvis came home from the Army and kept seeing Anita but Anita heard him telling a friend that he was having a hard time making up his mind between Anita and Priscilla. She confronted him and she told him she wold make up his mind for him and the relationship ended.She later married NFL football personality Johnny Brewer. They have three children ,and six grandchildren. She is currently a Christian school teacher in Mississippi.
picture of Elvis And Priscillapicture of Elvis and Priscilla weddingpicture of Elvis , Priscilla , Lisa MarieElvis was drafted into the Army and ended up in Germany. He started seeing Priscilla in 1959 , she was 14 years old. Elvis wanted a woman that was pure to be his wife. I believe he met Priscilla nad groomed her to be the wife he wanted. When his tour of duty was over , he left Germany to go home to his career and family. He continued a long distance relationship with Priscilla and eventually he convinced her parents to let her come and live with his father and stepmother and she could finish school in Memphis. They agreed and she moved to Memphis. This sounds like a dream come true to every girl in the world....but...He transformed her to look, dress and act the way he wanted . The Hair dyed coal black, the thick mascara,false eyelashes , clothes everything was dictated by Elvis.He even gave her drugs. His lifestyle was, staying up alnight, going to bed up in the morning,she was a schoolgirl, and was losing sleep trying to keep up with his lifestyle. Elvis was determined to keep her pure and pure she stayed until their wedding night May 1, 1967 in Las Vegas.She got pregnant right away and Lisa marie was born February 1, 1968. After the birth of Lisa Marie , it changed the way he saw Priscilla sexually.He just could not have sex with a woman who'd had a child.The marriage fell apart and they divorced in 1973. being married to Elvis seemed like a dream come true to girls but even though I am a die-hard Elvis fan, I can see where it was not all it sounded like on the outside. I judged her back then, "How could any woman not be unhappy with the man every woman wanted"?I Believe he loved her till his death even though he had two more relationships,I believe she still loves him to this day even though she had an affair while married to Elvis with his Karate Instructor (Mike Stone).Being lonely and neglected and cheated on is being lonely, neglected and cheated on... even if you are Mrs. Elvis Presley. Priscilla was involved with Mike Edwards, a model, in the 1970s after her divorce from Elvis.Priscilla lived with Brazilian screenwriter Marco Garibaldi since 1984,they have a son Naverone born on March 1,1987.Pricilla and Marco Garibaldi separated after 22 years together in April '06. She has lived in the same Beverly Hills mansion since 1974. Priscilla also is responsible for opening up Graceland to the public in 1982 and became chairwoman and president of Elvis Presley Enterprises.Priscilla after Elvis' death began a boutique and ran it for five years before getting into modeling and acting.Priscilla made her television debut in 1980 as a co-host of the ABC series Those Amazing Animals with Burgess Meredith. She went on to portray the lead role of Jenna Wade on the soap opera Dallas from 1983 to 1988.She starred opposite Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun gag movie trilogy.In addition, she starred in the feature film Breakfast with Einstein, executive-produced the feature film Finding Graceland and made guest appearances on Melrose Place, Touched by an Angel and Spin City. The television version of Elvis and Me was produced by her production company, Navarone Productions.Priscilla developed four perfumes in the 1990s. Moments and Experiences, were very successful in Europe, and a third, Indian Summer, hit American shelves in 1996, followed by "Roses and More". In 2006, Priscilla flew to Australia for the debut of her worldwide line of bed linens, called the Priscilla Presley Collection.So Priscilla has accomplised a lot after the death of Elvis and , things ,I doubt she would have if not for being Mrs. Elvis Presley. Not bad at all!
Elvis and Linda ThompsonElvis' first relationship after the divorce was with Linda Thompson a 1972 Miss Tennessee U.S.A. She moved into Graceland and lived with Elvis three and a half years.Their breakup was in late 1976.After her breakup with Elvis she became a regular on Hee Haw until 1982. She married Olympic Games Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner.They had two children. Bruce divorced Linda in 1983. In 1991 she married composer David Foster, they are now separated.
picture of Ginger AldenGinger Alden was 17 years old when she was introduced to Elvisin 1976. She had met Elvis earlier with their father when Ginger was three in 1961. Her father was Elvis's induction officer into the army. Elvis had ended his three and one half year relationship with Linda Thompson when he and Ginger Alden became involved. During his final televised performance in 1977, he introduced her to a national audience as his girlfriend and was planning to announce his engagement to Ginger on his last tour in August 1977 that ended in Memphis, Tennessee. Ginger Alden was asleep in his bed at Graceland in the early afternoon of August 16, 1977 when she woke up to find his lifeless body in the bathroom . However, over the years she has refrained from excessive capitalizing of their relationship. Ginger went on to a modeling career for 15 years working in commercials, guest appearances on television shows and during the 1986-87 season, she and Teri Hatcher were signed as regular cast members on the daytime soap opera, Capitol. Like her predecessor Linda Thompson, Ginger was a local Memphis beauty queen. Unlike Linda, she looked a lot like Elvis-era Priscilla with her miles of dark hair and exagerated eye makeup. Ginger was one of the witnesses of Elvis's Last Will & Testament. He left her nothing.
picture of Ann MargaretI am adding Ann Mrgaret to this page as there is speculation that while making Viva Las Vegas (which was before he married Priscilla but after she came to Graceland to live) that Elvis and Ann Margaret had a torrid love affair and that Elvis was having second thoughts on marrying Priscilla. It is also speculated that Priscilla's father forced the marriage and threatened that he would expose Elvis for having a relationship with a 14 year old girl if he did not keep his promise to marry Priscilla. I personally do not believe the speculation but believe he had an affair with her.Ann Margaret just did not fit his image for a wife.She has been married to actor Roger Smith since 1967. Smith suffers from myasthenia gravis, and Ann-Margret has devoted much of her life to caring for him.