In Loving Memory

- Juanita Elizabeth Wilder -
May 20,1918 - January 22,1974

My mother was beautiful both inside and out. She had brown hair and big brown eyes . She liked to sew and read in her spare time . She loved to garden and can vegetables . She was a great cook , I cannot cook like her, that is for sure. Fried chicken was her speciality . She took great pride in her home , children and grandchildren .

She was born Juanita Elizabeth Jett in Brooksville, Kentucky. Her father, Edward Jett met and married Lettie McKibben. He worked on the railroad and as far as I know she was a housewife. She had one brother,Clarence Edward Jett and one sister, Betty Jett.Her mother became ill with tuberculosis and was sent to a tuberculosis camp in Arizona , this is where she died. I believe my mother was around 15 0r 16 at the time of her mother's death.She,being the oldest ,took over the raising of her brother and sister.Her father was not around much and it was left to her. Her sister Betty was mentally retarded and epileptic and after her mothers death became very hard to take care of . She was institutionalized and mother then just had Clarence to take care of.

She then met and married a man named Carl Schwaller. He soon went to the service for the war and she had a son Carl Lynne,my half-brother,born September 13,1943.My mom and Clarence stayed with her husbands mother, Anna Schwaller.They lived in Bromley,Kentucky. They divorced before he returned from the service.

She met and married my dad, Paris A. Wilder,(just home from the service) January 19,1946.She and Dad bought that house in Bromley,Kentucky from Grandma Schwaller and lived there for several years. Mom had me,November 27,1946.Grandma Schwaller lived on with mom and dad as my mother thought of her as her own mother.They finally sold the house in Bromley and moved to Florence,Ky.I was about 8 years old when we moved to Florence. Mom and dad worked and grandma took care of Carl and I.Time passed and I was about 13 and we sold the house in Florence, Ky. and moved to Burlington,Ky.Grandma Schwaller did not want to move to Burlington and she went to live with one of her sons.

Years passed and I married and had left home.I had two of my children Holly Lenora and Brenda Blue. Mom developed a lump on her eyebrow and was having severe migraine headaches,but she kept right on working. This went on quite some time and she finally saw a doctor. He lanced the lump and that was the wrong thing to do. All the infection in the lump then spread and started eating the bones in her head ,just like an acid. By the time they figured out that this is what was hapening, she lost a lot of bone in her skull.She went to the hospital and they removed the infected bone and she did not wake up from the surgery. She laid in a coma for two months and we did not think she would come out of it.They could not find an antibiotic to kill the infection. They worked day and night and finally they found one. It was a miracle.She cames back to us and was home several weeks later.She became a case in a medical paper as they had never encountered anything like this before. It took a tole on her though. She never went back to work.They sold the house in Burlington and bought a house in Erlanger,Kentucky.

I had two more children Toni Lynne and Parisanne Elizabeth (who she named after my dad and I added Elizabeth after her) . My children were the light of her life but her health never got back to where it should have been. Then, the thing that was it ,I think for her, was my dad was in a car accident and killed,July 18,1971.She had a heart attack when she heard the news of my dad's death and from then on things with her health just got worse.I believe that she lost her will to live after dad died. She had lost the zest for life she had always had.

She sold her house in Erlanger after dad's death and bought a mobile home and moved next to us in Taylor Mill, Kentucky in September of 1971.A couple years passed .Then she started being very weak and really having a hard time but we never dreamed she was diabetic. She kept getting worse and worse and we took her to the hospital and that is when we discovered she was diabetic. They kept her in the hospital and tried to get her sugar under control. Her suger was so high, she had a stroke and died, January 22,1974, she never came home.She had been thru a lot and her body just could not take anymore.

My mother was only 56 years old. It was the worst day of my life. This is my mom's story, there is so much more but this let's you see a little bit of her life. I lost my best friend. I will never ever forget her, she is with me every single day.

~ I love you,Mom ~