This is where it all began for our family

George Noble b. 10/Oct/1902; in Barrwick,Kentucky Died /July/1985;
Buried in Ohley,Kanawha West Virginia.
George Noble married Lurainne Cole in Altro,Kentucky 26/Feb/1918
Lurainne Cole b. 10/Sept/1902 in Taulbert,Breathitt County, Kentucky;Died ;

Childrens and Grandchildren's memories of their parents and grandparents

    George and Lurainne were hard workers.Lurainne always wanted to feed you.
  • Sue remembers her ringing the dinner bell, she would set an extra plate at the big round dinner table and feed as many as showed up.Can't you just hear that little whistle she had while she was working.
  • Their son Jake remembers that Most of their food came from the farm. They only had to buy flour and sugar.George used to like moonshine. Lurainne Used to sit on the porch and smoke a corn cob pipe;When George and Jim Harris(His daughter Goldie's husband) would get to drinking, they would sit on the porch, his dad would play the banjo and Jim would play the broom;
  • Their daughter Mattie remembers her mom was part Cherokee Indian and they always had lots of animals for pets;
  • Their daughter Cora remembers that her dad worked in the coal mines and he always saved his cake from his lunch for her. Her dad would play annie over with us kids,he would laugh when he got them out.They tried to teach him to ride a bike , but he never did learn.Her mom raised a garden and kept house and ofcourse raised kids.
  • Their daughter Nancy remembers her dad playing his banjo and her mom milking cows.She remembers her mom would get up early and fix her dad's lunch for that day and she would set on the kitchen table and watch her;
  • Clell(Junior) remembers his dad was a hard working strict man. He says that "his dad instilled the values he carries with him today".He remembers his dad was scared of ghosts and scared to go outside after dark.When his dad drove the truck and would start to go he would say "haw" and when he would stop he would say"Woah".He remembers his mom's wood cookstove she used to cook on and that she was a real good cook.He remembers her raising her garden, canning,churning milk and making home made butter. they would go milk cows together;
  • Their granddaughter Brenda remembers her Grandpa would always sit on the porch telling his whispering ghost stories. I am sure most of us remember going to bed thinking that raw head and bloody bones would get us before morning. Grandma whistled while she cooked.
  • Their grandson Clyde remembers that grandpa and Grandma were always good to him. Grandpa always told him "take what you want, but eat what you take." Grandpa would make Clyde cut a switch when he was going to whip him, ofcourse he had to cut 2 or 3 before he got one strong enough.
  • Their Granddaughter Audrey (Tootie) remembers the ghost stories her Granddad would tell on the front porch in a whisper. They would all be so scared they could hardly sleep that night.;
  • Their grandson Johnny Boles remembers that he stayed a week once and got under his grandpa's feet and he sent him hunting with Nero. He was surprised when he came back with a groundhog;
  • Their grandson Jake Arnold Boles remembers that Grandpa and grandma were sweet and always made you feel welcomed when you came to see them.
  • Their granddaughter Sue remembers her Grandpa learning to drive and they would hide in the chicken coup and watch him. He would be all over the road and sometimes in the creek. She remembers him playing the juice harp.

They had 11 children:

  1. Alice Noble b.20/Dec/1918 in Barrick,Ky.;Died ?/?/???? In Burlington , KY
  2. Ned Noble b.18/Oct/1920 in Barrwick,KY;Died 25/Sept/1995 in West Virginia
  3. Johnny Noble b.27/Oct/1922 in Barrick,KY.;Died 19/Nov/1924(complications from pneumonia.)
  4. Golden Noble b.9/July/1925 Barrwick, KY;Died 28/Mar/2001 in Burlington , KY .
  5. Madeline Noble b.11/10/1926 in Barrick,KY.;Died 4/Aug/2004 after long illness;
  6. Jake Noble b.29/Jan/1930; Barrwick,KY.; Died 27/January/2015 of long illness , Beaver, West Virginia
  7. Jerry Lee Noble b.28/Mar/1933 in WV.;Died 6/Jan/1966(Died as a result of a car accident)
  8. Cora Noble b.5/May/1934; WV.; Died 6/April/2015 after long illness, In Independence, Ky
  9. Nancy Noble (twin)b.17/Nov/1939; WV.
  10. James Henry Noble (Nancy's Twin) b.17/Nov/1939in WV.;Died 17/Mar/1943(Died from pneumonia)
  11. Clell Noble b.21/Mar/1941;b. in WV.; Died 12/August/2011 in Adams County , KY. (Died in a car accident ; Cremated)

*Footnote:Clell Noble was adopted by George and Leuranie Noble but was the biological son of Golden Noble and his biological father was Clell Toney (b.3/Jan/1913) ; died July/1971


Alice Noble married Jim Smith (b.June/1905);Died 6/May/1977;They had no children

Families Memories of Alice & JIm

The kids loved going to Alice and Jim's. Alice made them behave but Jim didn't care what they did.Jim did not even care when Wayne urinated in his boot!

  • Phyllis remembers her aunt and all the wild animal pets she had. She seemed mean,but she was always good to me.;
  • Cindy remembers her Aunt Alice , that they called her "Killer",but I was never afraid of her, I knew she had a tender heart;
  • Jerry Crouch remembers his Aunt Alice grinding corn on the back porch and going hunting with her and her dog Nero. I remember Uncle Jim robbed the honeybees without protection;
  • Janet Gibson remembers spending endless summer days at her aunt Al and Uncle Jim's feeding all the farm animals, catching craw crabs in the creek and when the day was starting to fade, Aunt Al would call out and tell me to come in and get ready,we're going to the fair;
  • Beverly remembers spending nights at Aunt Al and Uncle Jim's and everyone watching Uncle Jim watch Saturday Night Wrestling. He always got so involved,we'd set for hours laughing at him;
  • Joe remembers that they called his Aunt Al "Killer" and Uncle Jim "Critter";
  • Clyde remembers taking his Uncle Jim to a stock sale once, he got drunk and Alice put him in jail, he put his horse up for bail;
  • Clell (Junior) remembers going to stay with Alice and Jim a lot. That him and Jim would sneak out to get drunk and Alice would look for his whiskey to break it. Jim liked to hunt and they hunted together, Jim liked his guns and his dogs.


Ned Noble's Family

Ned Noble married Dorothy Adams (b.28/June/1923); Died 31/Dec/?he has 1 son
Ned and Dorothy have 2 daughters:

  1. Carl Ray McClure b. 26/Oct/1939 married Joyce Elaine Gulit(b.18/Oct/1932) on ?/?/????;has 1 daughter:
    • Carla Elaine McClure (b.26/Oct/1961)married Steven Warren Gray(b.14/June/1964)on 29/Aug/1987;They have 1 son:
      • Joshua Tyler Gray b.21/June/1995
  2. Brenda Paulette Noble (b.17/Feb/1947); Married David Corbin (b.14/May/1940); has 2 sons:
    • Wesley Ned Corbin b.11/Mar/1977 , has 1 daughter:
      • Madison Grace Pickering b. 14/May/2003
    • Troy Duane Corbin b.30/October/1978 married Christian J. Kerr b. 6/May/???? on 3/February/2007.

    • Christian has a daughter:
      • Isabelle J. Bush b.7/June/2005

      • They have a son :
      • Jacob Duane Corbin b.11/April/2007
  3. Audrey Joyce Noble (Tootie); b. (23/Sept/1948);Died 8/Oct/2004 Married Charles Franklin Moore(b.10/Sept/1948) on 9/Nov/1968;they had 1 daughter:
    • Allison Paulette Moore (b.14/Dec/1971) Married Jerid Stevenson (b.1/June/1973)on 27/May/1995;
      they have 2 daughters:
      • Lauren Kate Stevenson b.19/Nov/2003
      • Audrey Stevenson b.??/???/????


Golden Noble's Family

Goldie Noble married James Casey Harris (b.8/November/1907) died on 20/February/1969 and they had 2 sons:

    She had a son by Clell Toney (b.3/January/1913) died (7/1971) who was adopted by George and Leuranie Noble (her parents)
  1. Clell Noble b.21 March,1941 died August 12,2011
  2. 2 sons by James Casey Harris:

  3. Clyde Samuel Harris (b.) Died ?????? married Anna Kathleen Turner (b.21/Dec/1944) on 10/Oct/1970
    they have 1 daughter and 1 son:
    • Anna Renee' Harris (b.15/Aug/1971) married Steven Dempsey Ray Turner (b.23/Dec/1971)in Sept/1989(divorced 10/1994) they had 1 daughter; Renee' is now married to Ronald Lee Brewer Jr. (b.20/Nov/1969) married 6/Sept/2002;They had 1 son:
      • Jessie Kathleen Turner b.5/Mar/1993
      • Elias Javin Brewer b.28/May/2004 died 28/May/2004
      • Rylie Leeanna Brewer b. 30/June/2005
    • Samuel Scott Harris b.14/May/1976 married ??? on ????
  4. Jerry James Harris b.15/Oct/1959


Madeline Noble's Family

Madeline Noble married Thomas Crouch (b.21/Nov/1920) on 19/Oct/1945
They have 2 daughters and 3 Sons:Tom Crouch Died 28/May/1999

  1. Marlene Marie Sue Crouch (b.23/June/1946) Married Vincent Powell (b.8/Oct./1940)on 19/Oct/1963 and they have 2 sons:
    • Vincent Wayne Powell (b.7/Jan./1966) married Katie Metch (b.12/Dec/1992) ;They 3 daughters:
      • Lindsey Sue Powell b.31/Oct/1994
      • Courtney Sue Powell b.31/Oct/1994
      • Jenna Evelyn Powell b.27/July/2002
      • Ian Trevor Powell b.21/January/2005
    • Tim Powell (b.22/Jan./1969) married Rachael Boyd (b.?) on 27/Apr/1997 and they have 1 daughter and 1 son:
      • Erin Catherine Powell b.29/Nov/1998
      • Jack David Powell b.6/Jan/2003
  2. George Thomas Crouch (b.3/Dec/1948) Married Barbara ? (b.?) They have 2 sons:George died 6/Dec/1997 in a car accident;
    • George Thomas Crouch Jr. b.?
    • Brent Chester Crouch b.?
  3. Joe Eddie Crouch (b.30/May/1950)Died;?????? married Janet Ruth Slayback (b.6/Aug/1955) on 31/Aug/1973 They have 3 daughters and 1 son:
    • Janet Marie Crouch (b.1/Nov/1974) Married Michael William Frodge (b.9/Feb/1972) on 10/Mar/1993 He died 11/Dec/2001 They have 1 daughter and 1 son:
      • Kyla Dawn Frodge b.2/Feb/1993
      • Joseph Michael Cameron Frodge b.16/Nov/1999
      Remarried:Joseph (Jody)Allen Hardin (b.12/Mar/1972) on 2/Sept/2002;He has a daughter and they have 2 sons
      • Erika Paige Hardin b.27/July/1994
      • Joseph (Cody)Allen Hardin Jr. b.23/Oct/2002
      • Jessy Allen Hardin b. 8/Sept/2004
    • Anisa Beth Crouch b.18/Sept/1976 married Shaun Everett Hite b.27/May/1972 on 9/May/2003
      • Corey Thomas Hite b. 19/June/1996
      • Haley DiShon Hite b. 25/July/2000
    • Jodi Sue Crouch (b.26/Apr/1979) married Jason Starke 23/Sept/2000 have 1 daughter:
      • Sierra Nichole Starke b.9/Apr/1999
    • Joe Eddie Crouch Jr. b.(3/Jan/1984)married Stephanie ? 15/May/2004 they have 1 son:
      • Evan Michael b. 23/Sept/2004
  4. Jerry Lee Crouch (b.30/May/1952) married Peggy ? (b.) on 5/Oct/1984; She had 1 son and they have 1 son
    • Jeremie Brunst b. 9/Nov/1978
    • Jerrett Dustin Crouch b.30/Nov/1987
  5. Cynthia Crouch b.14/June/1961 married Pat Finn b.30/June/1965 on 18/Oct/1997 and she has 1 daughter
    • Patricia Lester b. 9/March/1980 married Kevin Dant b. 23/May/1976 on 04/August/2001. They have one son:
      • Kaleb Daniel Dant b. December 15,2006

Jake Noble's Family

Jake Noble married Maxine Stanley (b.21/April/1934) on 8/July/1950.They have 2 daughters:

  1. Debbie Noble b.1/June/1955
    • Lori Ann Noble b.2/Jan/1970

    Married Steven Crist and they had 1 daughter:

    • Tara Michelle Crist b.1/June/1976

    Married Gary Hipp and they had 2 daughters:

    • Jessica Ryan Hipp b.31/Dec/1980
    • Jennifer Hipp b. 1/Apr/1982
  2. Rexanna Noble (b.9/Oct/1960) married Joe C. Cook (b. on ????) and they have 1 daughter:
    • Callie Ann Cook b.13/Dec/1994

Jerry Noble's Family

Jerry Noble married Marlene Workman (b.31/Dec/1937) on 27/Dec/1955; They have 2 sons and 2 daughters:Marlene Noble remarried Ernest Hunter (b.?) on 6/July/1971;They have 1 son; Ernest died 9/Aug/2001

  1. David Noble b.8/July/1955;Died 6/Aug/1955
  2. Jerry Donald Noble (b.14/Feb/1957) married Mary Robertson on ?/?/????; They have 1 son:
    • Travis Noble b.6/Apr/1989
  3. Janet Belinda Noble (b.5/Nov/1960) married James Mathew Gibson (b.22/Feb/1961) on 20/June/1980;They have 1 daughter and 1 son:
    • Ashley Nichole Gibson b.26/June/1984
    • Jonathon Dwight Gibson b.17/July/1989
  4. Beverly Noble(b.24/Apr/1962) married Larry Given on 16/Feb/1980;They have2 sons :
    • Lee Edgar Given (b.29/Sept/1980)married Lori Akers in 2001;They have 1 daughter:
      • Hannah Faith Given b.5/Sept/2002
    • Lukas Kent Given b.13/Sept/1983
    Remarried:Mike Smith on 12/Apr/1998:
  5. Darren Lester Hunter (b.21/Dec/19??)married Shawn Brady on ?/?/????;They have 1daughter and 1 son;
    • Tiara Shea Hunter b.?
    • Holden Brady Hunter b.?

Cora Noble's Family

Cora Noble married Ira Isaac Boles (b.8/Mar/1929) on ????;They had 3 Sons and 2 Daughters:
Ira died on 18/Mar/2003;Cora remarried Pete Jackson (b.25/Dec/1930) on 19/Aug/1995

  1. John Dwight Boles (b.7/Feb/1953) married Cheryl Edison (b.) on ?/?/????;They have 1 daughter:
    • Trista Rae Boles b.?/Dec/????
    Remarried: Mary ? (b?) 0n ?/?/????; They have 2 sons:
    • John Jr. b.
    • Jason Boles b.
  2. Thomas Ira Boles b.16/Feb/1954;married Kathy Morgan(b.)in 1974;They have 2 sons:
    • Thomas Ira Boles Jr. b.11/July/1975
    • Timothy Boles b.21/Sept/1977
    Remarried:Karen Cook(b.16/Oct/1949 ) on 9/June/1979 ;He adopted 1 son and 1 Daughter and they had 1 son together:
    • Roger Boles b.15/Aug/1970 has one child by Shirley Perry,they never married:
      • Brittany Boles b.15/November/1992
      • He marrried Shelly Haines and has 3 children:
      • Jordan Boles b.23/October/1993
      • Roshell Boles b. 6/June/1997
      • Whittnie Boles b.24/April/1998
      • Roger and Shelly divorced and he married Amy Rayburn and they had a son:
      • Alex Boles b.6/April/2004
    • Shannon Boles b.18/Jan/1975 married Jody Knisley on 17/July/1993 and they have 2 children, They are:
      • Monica Knisley b.24/May/1998
      • Cody Knisley b.8/May/2001
    • Michael Shane Boles b.4/May/1980
  3. Jake Arnold Boles b.1/Mar/1955; has a 1 daughter;
    • Hanika Rose Boles b. 11/Oct/1998
  4. Barbara Jean Boles (b.8/Apr/1957) married Conrad Loy Thomas (b.15/Oct/1954) on 6/July/1976;They have 2 daughters:
    • Bridgette Nichole Thomas b.20/Nov/1978
    • Devon Cora Violet Thomas b. 27/Nov/1979 married James Thomas Flynn III b.31/March/1979 married on 26 July 2008
  5. Phyllis Marie Boles b.5/Sept/1960; She has 1 son:His father is Terry Stevens b.18/Nov/1951
    • Travis Andre' Boles b.16/July/1991


Nancy Noble's Family

Nancy Noble (Nancy was a twin) married Byrd Powell (b.12/Oct/1936) on 7/May/1960;Byrd died from a fall on his job on 15/June/1993 and they have 3 sons and 2 daughters:

  1. David James Powell b.18/June/1961;Died 24/Dec/? died in a house fire
  2. Darryl Ray Powell (b.16/Sept/1964);married Hope Troxel (b.?)on ?/?/????;They have 1 son and 1 daughter:
    • Harley Ray Powell b.31/December/1981
    • Desiree' Powell b.1/October/?
  3. John Wayne Powell(b.8/Aug/1967) married Dawn(b.5/Aug/1967) on 15/June/1985 and they have 2 sons:
    • John Wayne Powell Jr. b.4/Dec/1985
    • David Randall Powell b.12/Nov/1989
  4. Brenda Sue Powell (b.10/Dec/1971)Married Jay Courtney(b.?) on ?????; They have 3 Daughters;Brenda is now married to Eric Overly(b.30/Mar/1970)Married 0n ?/??/????:
    • Heather Marie Courtney b.7/May/1990 married Zack Joseph Strahm b.6 April 1989, on the 24 april 2007, they have 2 children:
      • Autumn Marie Strahm b. 2 January 2007
      • Hannah Nicole Strahm b. 29 February 2008
    • Amanda Jaye Courtney b.21/Aug/1992
    • Rhandie Rose Courtney b.19/Sept/1995
  5. Teresa Powell (b.23/Oct/1979)married Randall Johnson(b.) on ????????;She has 3 Daughters:
    • SummerJohnson b.4/February1997
    • Tristen Byrd Johnson b.4/September/1998
    • Brittany Faith Powell b.10/Dec/2004
    • Marisa williams b.3 June 2006


Clell Noble's Family (Junior)

Clell Noble b.21 march 1941 ; died 12 august 2011 married Sharon Allison Wilder (b. 27/Nov/1946) on 23/Dec/1962
They have 4 daughters:

  1. Holly Lenora Noble (b.9/Feb/1965); She has 1 daughter :
    • Haley Allison Noble b. 18/Dec/1994
  2. Brenda Blue Noble b. (9/Mar/1966) had 1 son ; married Bernard Cook b. on ??? and they have 1 son:
    • Clell Jason Noble b. 26/July/1981
    • Dustin Bernard Cook b. 19/Sept/1990
  3. Toni Lynne Noble (b.16/June/1969) married Roy Wade (b.23/May/1971) on 6/May/1995 and they have 3 sons:
    • Jordan Allen Wade b.18/Mar/1998
    • Joshua Aaron Wade b.6/Nov/2000
    • Jacob Andrew Wade b.3/Feb/2003
  4. Parisanne Elizabeth Noble (b.25/Feb/1971) had 1 son , his father is Joseph E. Johnson (b.30/Apr/1963) died 16/Oct/2003 ;married Donald Isaacs (b.23/Mar/1954)on 14/Feb/1992 They have 1 son:She married Rickey Wells Price (b.5/Oct.1953) on 21/Oct/2000
    • Joseph Jeremiah Johnson b. 16/June/1990
    • David James Isaacs b.13/Sept/1994

*Footnote:Clell Jason Noble is the biological son of Brenda Noble but Clell(Junior)and Sharon raised him from birth and consider him their son.Another footnote Sharon Noble legally adopted Clell Jason Noble after the death of my husband.

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