The Search Continues

This page will be (hopefully) a page that takes us farther back in time to give us the complete sense of where we came from. I hope you find it interesting and enlightening.I want to thank Janet Gibson for her help in this. She has provided most of the information. I will fill in the blanks when and if I find the answers. If anyone knows the answers please e-mail me.


The Neace Family

Jacob B. "Rail Jake" Neace b.about 1814, death Unknown, married Polly Aikman b.? death unknown; marriage date unknown and Their Children are:
  1. Margaret Neace b abt.1842 Death unknown
  2. John Neace b abt.1844; married Tabitha Fugate in 1865
  3. Peter Neace b. abt.1846;married Vicy Noble in 1867
  4. Martha Neace b.abt.1849 d. unknown;married Joshua Fugate b abt.1847 death unknown
  5. James Neace b ? died unknown married Matilda Ann Noble in 1873 and then remarried to Polyann Williams
  6. Polly Neace b ? death unknown; married Daniel Bush in 1873 in Breathitt County, Kentucky
  7. Ibbie Neace b abt. 1857;death 1936
  8. Betty Neace b abt 1859 ; death unknown
  9. Jacob Neace b abt. 1867; death unknown


The Bush family

Drury Bush b abt. 1758 in Amherst County,Virginia and died in 1844 in Breathitt County, Ky. married Nancy Couch ;b abt.1782 and died aft.1855 in Estill County ,Ky.One of their children being:
  1. John Bush b.1805 in Lee county,Virginia;death unknown

John "Jack" Bush b.1805 in Lee County, Virginia death unknown; married Rachael Raliegh b. ? death unknown ; marriage date unknown; and their children are::
(George Noble's Great Great Grandparents on his mothers side)
  1. Drury Bush b. 1833;Death unknown
  2. John Bush b. 1835;Death unknown
  3. Elizabeth Bush b. 1837; Death unknown
  4. William Bush b.1839; death unknown

William Bush married Margaret Neace on ???????? and their children are:(George Noble's Great Grandparents on his mother's side)
  1. Polly Bush b. 1865
  2. Isabelle Bush b. 1867
  3. Frank Finn Bush b.1873
  4. Daniel Bush b.1874 death 1967;breathitt County , Ky.
  5. George Bush b.1873 Death unknown
  6. Dillard Bush b. 1876

George Bush married Frances ????. The only child (children) we know of right now is :
(George Noble's Grandparents on his mother's side)

  1. Nancy Bush b.??????? died ????????


The Noble Family

Henry Noble b.???????? died ???????? s/o ?????.

Henry Noble married Nancy Bush on ???????? and the only child(children) we know of right now is:(George Noble's Parents)

  1. George Noble b.10Oct1902 in Barrwick, KY.Died ?July1985 in Ohley Kanawha County, West Virginia


The Cole Family

George Noble married Leurannie Cole on 26Feb1918 in Altro, KY.daughter of:

Jim Cole b.? married Isabelle Johnson b.? on ?. The only children we know of right now is:(Leurannie Noble's Parents)
  1. Leurannie Cole b.10Sept1902 in Taulbert,Breathitt County, KY.

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