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This is information I have wanted to put together for a long time. Thanks to a good friend , Vonell Beach and the research she has done for me I am able to piece together my family and their lives.

Thank You Vonell!!!

These are names I cannot connect but believe they are a part of our family my neice Miranda Bussell is into Geneaolgy and Miranda If you can connect these people , I would appreceiate it.
If anyone stumbles on this page and has any information , please e-mail me.

Sarah Rose Wilder b. abt. 1883 in Bell County , Kentucky married to William Wesley Partin b. 9 August 1860 in Bell County , Kentucky, their Children:
James Mart Partin
Icy Mae Partin
Jefferson Partin

Clinton Wilder b. abt. 1884 in Bell County , Kentucky, married Mellie Ann Webb b. abt. 1860 in Bell County , Kentucky; They had one son:
Chester Wilder

Amanda Wilder b. abt. 1886 in Bell County , Kentucky,died 15 March 1974 in Bell County , Kentucky; buried at Gibson # 2 cemetery , Clear Creek , Bell County , Kentucky ; marriage #1 to John Robert Webb b. abt. 1880,(The 1880 census has his home in Pineveille,Bell County, Kentucky, he is listed a 1 month old.
Others in household are James Webb age 21;
Janie Webb age 20;
William Webb age 2)Was listed as a farmer on his draft registration; married 3 May 1903 in Bell County ,Kentucky;their children:
Minnie Webb
Daisy Webb

Robert Ewell Webb b.26 May 1910,died 28 August 1952;listed as married on death certificate,Age at death 42; Cause of death is listed a pneumonia, informant on death certificate is Mary Webb.Listed as living in Bell County, Kentucky
Marriage #2 to William Wesley Partin (*note:Was also married to her sister Sarah Rose Wilder)b. 9 August 1884 in Bell County , Kentucky, married on 26 January 1914;their children:
Silas Partin b. 15 July 1915 , died 17 July 1938 ; cause of death listed as T.B. His occupation was listed as a farmer.
Hazel Partin
Curtis Partin b. 23 September 1921 in Bell County, Kentucky
Kelly Partin
Ansel Partin

Nancy Wilder b. 8 December 1888 in Bell County,Kentucky, died 24 January 1964 , buried at the Red Hill Cemetery, Claiborne,Tennessee, married Sie Evans b.3 May 1900; their children:
Carson Evans
James Evans
Living Evans,No name available

Silas Wilder b. abt. 1891 in Bell County , Kentucky , married Florence ? whom he met in World War 1.
Silas Service Picture
Silas and Florence Wilder

James B. Wilder b. 1835 in Harlan County , Kentucky, died 13 March 1863 in Nashville Davidson County, Tennessee,(military Service: Died in the Civil War) married Rosanna Rossie Wilson b. abt. 1840 in Harlan County ,Kentucky , died abt. 1910 in Bell County , Kentucky , they were married on 24 November 1857 in Harlan , Harlan County, Kentucky, Their Children:
Levi H. Wilder b. 8 August 1859 in Harlan County , Kentucky
William Nelson Wilder b. 22 August 1861 in Harlan County , Kentucky , died ??/??/???? , married Mary Ann Lee(Also known as Mary Polly Miracle , married second time to a Miracle) b. abt. 1862 in Bell County , Kentucky , died in 1928 in Bell County , Kentucky; They were married on 2 October 1879 in Bell County , Kentucky.Their children were:

Garfield "Gar" Wilder (my grandfather)b.15 October 1880 and died on the 2 July , 1919 . He died from Typhoid Fever.He was a coal miner at the Log Mountain Coal Co. in Davisburg Bell County Kentucky. He married Mary Webb b. ?????? and died on ??????.(Mary Webb remarried a Robert Longworth )His death certificate list his parents as unknown and his bith place as unknown.There is no date registered of his marriage to Mary Webb.My dad "Paris" was just a little better than a year old when his father died. Garfield and Mary's children were:

1.Nelson Wilder b.Feb 1904 d.7th Apr1l,1942. He died from pneumonia. He was married to a Rosa Cox.
Nelson Wilder's Death Certificate
I have no information on Rosa Cox.I have it listed on a census that Nelson was also a coal miner. I have no other information on Nelson Wilder.
Annie Wilder , Is listed but I know nothing about her, she may have died as a young child
Arthur Wilder b.22nd April 1912 d.11th December 1956 after a long battle with cancer. He was a truck driver for Rural Doxel Bottled Gas in Ludlow,Kentucky. He also lived in Ludlow,KY. at the time of his death. He was married to Myrtle ?. They had adopted a daughter :
Regina Wilder b.??/??/????

2. Annie Wilder, is listed but I know nothing about her, she may have died at birth.

3.Arthur Wilder b.22nd April 1912 d.11th December 1956 after a long battle with cancer. He was a truck driver for Rural Doxel Bottled Gas in Ludlow,Kentucky. He also lived in Ludlow,KY. at the time of his death. He was married to Myrtle ?. They had adopted a daughter :
Regina Wilder b.??/??/????

4."Roly" or "Roligh" "Raleigh" Wilder (The spellings of his name varies so I listed them all),b.22nd May 1917 d.12th August 1937 of a gunshot wound. Roligh Wilder's Death Certificate. He married a Hazel Partin b.??/??/???? d.??/??/???? .I Do not know if there were any children from this marriage. This was a brutal murder that killed not only Roligh but his neice Clara McNutt just 7 years old. A man as I was told hid behind a tree and waited for Roligh to show up He shot him in the back. Clara was across the street at her house playing on the porch and the bullet went through Roly and across the street and struck Clara. One shot and 2 deaths .

5.Vestia Wilder b. 22/May/1913 d.??/??/???? married Jake McNutt b.??/??/???? d.1 October 1939 on ??/??/????.He died in a car accident.Jake McNutt's Death Certificate They had one daughter:

Clara McNutt b.5 January 1930 d.12 August 1937 of a gunshot wound.
Clara McNutt's Death Certificate She was 7 years 7 months and 7 days old. (see Roligh Wilder for her story) I saw her picture many times that hung on my Aunt Vestia's wall. She was a beautiful little girl. She was posed with her hands in the praying hands position and then they were positioned along side her face. She had coal black hair just like my aunt Vestia. That picture has stayed in my mind for many , many years.
*She was married again to General Lovell b.abt.1906 died 27 May 1967,after a long battle with cancer. They married on ??/??/???? ; They adopted the daughter of Arthur and Myrtle Wilder which was:

Regina Wilder and became Regina Lovell b. ??/??/????

6.Paris Allison Wilder b.18 June 1918 in Bell County , Kentucky , died 18th July 1971 in a car accident coming back from Middlesboro,KY. His car crashed coming down Jelico Mountain.
His first marriage was to Irene Christmas.I have no information her.There were no children from that marriage.I understand it was a very short marriage
He then married Juanita Jett Schwaller b. 20 May 1918 in Brooksville Bracken County , Kentucky, they married on the 19 January 1946.(Juanita Wilder died 22 January 1974 of a stroke due to diabetes at the St. Elizabeth Hospital in Covington Kenton County,KY.)

Paris was first a Truck Driver when he came to Ludlow ,KY and worked for Rural Doxel Bottled Gas Co. in Ludlow ,KY. He lived with his brother , Arthur in Ludlow , KY. He then went to Welding school and worked at various jobs before his long term employment at Joseph Honhorst Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio which is where he worked when he died.

Paris had 1 son and his mother's name was Dorthy Evelyn Bussell b. 8 April 1912;
Morris Bussell b.7 September 1946 married Bonnie Jones(b.1 August 1955)on the 18 july 1975, they had 2 children;
Miranda Bussell b.3 December 1982 married Jesse Davenport on 25 August 2007

Paris' wife Juanita Jett Schwaller's Marriage #1 was to Karl Schwaller , they had one son:
Carl Lynne Schwaller b.13th September 1943 in Covington Kenton County , Kentucky, married Rae JoAnne Brownfield b. ????? d. ???? on ?????.They divorced on ??????. They had one daughter:
Machelle Schwaller b. 16th November 1962 married ????? and they have 3 children:
Brittany b. 8 February ????
Brian b. 24 January ????
Chris b. 16 May ????
Machelle divorced and remarried Mike Vonasek b. ????? on ?????? they have no children together but has two boys by a previous marriage. They are:
Danny Vonasek b.24 June ????
Aaron Vonasek b.29 January ????
he was married again to Darlene O'Conner b. ??????? on ?????. They divorced on ?????. They had one daughter:
Debbie Anne Schwaller b.?????? has one son:
???? Schwaller b.???????????

Paris and Juanita had one daughter:

Sharon Allison Wilder b.27th November 1946 married Clell Noble b. 21st March 1941 on the 23rd December 1962.He passed away on 11 August 2011 in a car accident. They have four daughters and 1 son:

1.Holly Lenora Noble b. 9th February 1965 in Covington Kenton County, Kentucky;has one daughter , her father is Joder Tinch b.24 August 1956):

Haley Alison Noble b. 18th December 1994 in Edgewood Kenton County, Kentucky

2.Brenda Blue Noble b. 9th in Covington Kenton County,Kentucky on 9 March 1966 , She married Bernard Cook b. ???? on ????? and they one son:They divorced on ?????
Dustin Bernard Cook b. 19th September 1990 in Ft. Thomas Campbell County, Kentucky
She married Jim Hoskins b. ???? on ?????. They have no children together.

3.Toni Lynne Noble b. 16th June 1969 married Roy Wade b. ??????? and they married on the 6th day May ???? and they have three boys:
Jordan Allen Wade b. 18th March 1998
Joshua Aaron Wade b. 6th November 2000
Jacob Andrew Wade b. 3 February 2003

4.Parisanne Elizabeth Noble b. 25th February 1971

    has one son by Joseph Johnson b. ????? d. ?????

    Joseph Jeremiah Johnson b. 16th June 1990
    She married Donald Isaacs b.?????? on ????? and they divorced ?????. they have a son:
    David James Isaacs b. 13th September 1994

    5. Clell Jason Noble b.26 July 1981
    *He was the biological son of Brenda Blue Noble. Clell and Sharon raised Him from birth and always considered him their son.Sharon Noble legally adopted him after Clell's death.